Physical Education

“I really think a champion is defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fall.” Serena Williams


Our Vision for Physical Education at Headcorn Primary School...

Our aim at Headcorn Primary School is to ensure that all children are engaged in, enjoy and understand
the value and importance of physical education for both mental and physical health. Headcorn strives
to achieve this through quality teaching of the subject, allowing our children access to a range of
equipment, sports teaching and cross-curricular activities encouraging inclusivity for all age ranges,
abilities and needs. Using schemes,such as The PE Hub, gives our teachers access to the highest quality
PE lesson plans and guides them through units covering many skill-dependent areas of sport.
Across Key Stage 1, teachers instil knowledge of team games, basic movement, such as running,
jumping, skipping, and introduce the art of performance through dance and gymnastics. These skills
are vital for the physical development of our youngsters as they grow and progress into Key Stage 2.
Over Key Stage 2, the children partake in the learning of more complex and in-depth skills, such as
playing competitive games and understanding the basic principles of attacking and defending. This, as
well as performance through dance, to develop flexibility and strength, and taking part in outdoor
activities, enables our children to develop into experienced sportsmen and women. With the wide
range of activities, sports and equipment the children have access to at Headcorn, our mission is to
give them strategies to manage both their physical and mental health and the demands of everyday
life. We strive to develop our children’s personalities through sport, with the hope that, as they grow,
they will thrive and develop a lifelong passion for physical education.