Our staffing structure for 2022-2023 is listed below.

If you wish to contact a member of staff, please do so via the school office at admin@headcorn.kent.sch.uk or alternatively on Tel: 01622 891289.

Head Teacher Miss Symonds
Deputy Head Teacher & Head of Lower School (Years R-2) Mr Drury
Assistant Head Teacher & Head of Upper School (Years 3-6) Ms Woodgate
School Business Manager Mrs Henderson
SENCO (Special Needs Co-ordinator) Mrs Daniel
FLO (Family Liaison Officer) Mr Benfield
Early Years and Year 1 Phase Lead Mrs Day
Year 2 Phase Lead Mr Drury
Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Lead Mrs Randall
Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Lead Miss Bramley-Harker


Year Group / Class Name Teacher/s Teaching Assistants

YRA - Cheetah Class

YRB - Leopard Class

Mrs Day

Miss Gelder

Mrs Griffiths, Miss Young, Miss Buxton

Y1A - Tiger Class

Y1B - Lynx Class

Mrs Baker, Miss England

Miss Brook

Mrs Berry, Mrs Worthington, Mr Allen, Mrs Baldock

Y2A - Puma Class

Y2B - Panther Class

Miss Harman

Miss Taylor

Miss Hynes, Mrs Robins, Mrs Foweraker

Y3A - Jaguar Class

Y3B - Pallas Cats Class

Mrs Kelly, Mrs Hutchison

Miss Probert

Mrs Young, Mrs Westerbeek, Miss Cocks, Miss Reygate, Mrs Stone

Y4A - Jungle Cats Class

Y4B - Cougar Class

Miss Wallis

Mrs Randall

Mrs Yu, Miss Lockwood, Mrs Scanlan, Mrs Harris

Y5A - Caracal Class

Y5B - Snow Leopard Class

Mr Husbands

Mr Harris

Mrs Hill, Mrs Visram, Mrs Morgan

Y6 - Lion Class

Miss Bramley-Harker

Mrs Wing, Mrs Hughes


Additional Teaching & SEN Support Mrs Maher
Lead Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Lead HLTA), PE & IT Support Teacher Mr Peters
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Mrs Fisher, Mrs Westerbeek, Mrs Berry, Mrs Wing, Mrs Hughes 
Nurture Practitioners Mr Benfield, Mrs Westerbeek, Mrs Berry


School Administrator  Mrs Bennett
Admin & Finance Assistant Mrs Jefferson
Premises Manager Mr Button
Premises Assistant Mr Tidman
Lunch Hall Support Mrs Cotter
Wraparound Care Supervisor Mrs Cotter
Breakfast Club Assistants Mrs Cotter, Mrs Peters, Mr Allen, Mrs Randelhoff, Ms Harris, Mrs Hollywood, Mrs Springett
After School Club Assistants Mrs Cotter, Miss Hynes, Mrs Foweraker, Mr Allen, Ms Shatska, Miss Lockwood, Miss Cocks, Mrs Yu
School Dog Teddy Barkington-Symonds