Learner Voice

At Headcorn Primary School we want to empower the children to have an impact on their own learning, their learning environment and the procedures that enable our school to function effectively. We believe in providing opportunities for our children to share their voice: The Learner Voice.

Our Staff Team understands and values the importance of the learner voice and demonstrates their commitment to it resulting in high levels of learner involvement and ownership. Learners are actively engaged and participate in decision making processes that influence the learning provision.

The Learner Voice has high status in our school which is evident through a range of forums that provide democratic active partnerships between learners, staff and stakeholders.

TEDs and Class Forums

We believe that everybody has a voice and that the child is the most important of all. Our Early Years & Key Stage One TEDs (Together Everyone Decides) or Key Stage 2 Class Forums, provide teachers with regular and additional opportunities to ask learners for feedback on their learning experience and take action to their input via The School Learning Council. This involves learners in the decision-making and school improvement and change. Learners develop effective leadership skills contributing to and beyond the school and sharing their views.

Learning Council

Key Stage Two classes have representatives, one girl and one boy, who are voted onto the School Learning Council democratically by the children in that particular class. Views and items that are raised in TEDs are noted by the teacher and given to the School Learning Council to bring to the next meeting. This Council meeting gives the children the opportunity to voice their opinions or anything associated with school. The School Learning Council meets regularly at lunch times. These meetings are held in association with the Head  Teacher and our SMSC ( Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) Leader. The meetings are recorded in the form of minutes by the children and actions taken to either, or both, staff meetings or the Governing Body.

Sports Council

The school also has representatives from Years 4, 5 & 6 who meet regularly with our Physical Education Leaders to discuss the curriculum and organise events and activities throughout the school year. They also connect with the School Learning Council as PE Related items are shared and delegated to the Sports Council. The representatives have training and work actively on their Leadership Skills as they plan, organise and manage events such as Daily Morning Aerobics, Sports Visitor Days, share Sports Reports in assemblies, lead Playtime Activities and assist with our annual Sports Day.

House Captains

We have four houses that the children are put into upon entrance. Siblings are encouraged to be in the same house. The children, parents and staff and volunteers had opportunities to offer suggestions and, following a democratic vote by the children, each of the houses now have names of British figures that represent something significant about Britain and also represent one of our core values.

These and other great British figures are explored through assemblies.

Churchill (Red) : Winston Churchill, Prime Minister during WW2, an Englishman who represents great British Leaders: RESPONSIBILITY. Thompson (Yellow) : Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, a Welshwoman, who represents the many Britons that strive and succeed against all odds to achieve in their field of expertise: INTEGRITY. Stevenson (Blue): Robert Louis Stevenson, a renowned author, a Scotsman who represents the Arts across Britain - past and present day: RESPECT. Shackleton (Green): Sir Ernest Shackleton, an explorer, an Irishman who represents great British endeavours: COURAGE. Our final two core values will become the names of our two school buildings. They will be represented by Glennie: Evelyn Glennie, a musician representing HOPE and all those British figures who have succeeded against all the odds and finally Bevan: Anuerin Bevan, the founder of the NHS, representing COMPASSION and British institutions that make our nation great!
These houses have two Year 6 House Captains and two Year 5 Vice House Captains who were democratically voted for by the members of the house that they represent. The houses meet regularly each term, led by their Captains and supported by their allocated members of staff, to discuss ideas for school improvement, changes and fund raising for their chosen charity.