Learner Voice

At Headcorn Primary School we want to empower the children to have an impact on their own learning, their learning environment and the procedures that enable our school to function effectively. We believe in providing opportunities for our children to share their voice: The Learner Voice.

Our Staff Team understands and values the importance of the learner voice and demonstrates their commitment to it resulting in high levels of learner involvement and ownership. Learners are actively engaged and participate in decision making processes that influence the learning provision.

The Learner Voice has high status in our school which is evident through a range of forums that provide democratic active partnerships between learners, staff and stakeholders.

TEDs and Class Forums

We believe that everybody has a voice and that the child is the most important of all. Our Early Years & Key Stage One TEDs (Together Everyone Decides) or Key Stage 2 Class Forums, provide teachers with regular and additional opportunities to ask learners for feedback on their learning experience and take action to their input via The School Council. This involves learners in the decision-making and school improvement and change. Learners develop effective leadership skills contributing to and beyond the school and sharing their views.

The Pupil Leadership Team

Our Pupil Leadership Team meets at least once a term to discuss matters arising from TEDs or Class Forums. These meetings cover a range of areas such as teaching and learning, pupil wellbeing, online learning, the environment, arts and sports, charity fundraising, and any other area of concern to our student body.

With guidance, the Pupil Leadership Team also write their own School Improvement Plan which is discussed with the Senior Leadership Team. Actions that have been a result of previous School Improvement Plans are:

Indoor Lunchtime Club called Oasis

Pupil Lockers place of cloakrooms

Use of the school field all year round (wearing wellies when wet and muddy!)

Chickens to look after