School Meals

Independent Catering https://www.independentcatering.co.uk/primary-schools provide our school dinners. For more than 20 years Independent Catering has been at the forefront of providing fresh food to schools and colleges. The company was founded with a vision of creating a service based on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The company, with their team of passionate skilled chefs, now provides a service to over 60 schools in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

They are justifiably proud to have been credited by the Soil Association for food standards, and awarded their Food for Life accreditation at all of their schools, which underpins their commitment to fresh, seasonal and locally grown ingredients. Their commitment to using the best food that Kent and the UK can offer lies at the heart of their approach.

Their core values ensure that their customers (pupils and school staff) receive healthy balanced, and innovative menus served with a smile by their wonderful dedicated team of catering staff.

Their approach is simple! Great food prepared on site and fantastic value for money for parents and carers. The long term partnerships they have with their schools are testimony to their food and service ethos.


Free School Meals

All infants (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) are entitled to free school meals. There will be some children (including infants) who are eligible for free school meals (FSMs) because their parents receive certain benefits. The school receives additional funding (Pupil Premium) for each child who is entitled to receive FSMs or has been entitled over the last five years, so we encourage parents to apply if they think they may be eligible. You can find out more details, and apply online at http://www.kent.gov.uk/education-and-children/schools/free-school-meals or contact the School Office.



We participate in the Key Stage 1 fruit and veg initiative, which provides a piece of fruit or vegetable for every child from Reception to Year 2. Children in Key Stage 2 are allowed to bring in healthy snacks for break time, such as fruit or vegetables or a piece of cheese. Crisps, chocolates, biscuits and sweets are not allowed.