Welcome to our anti-bullying web page.

Below you will find a short but useful guide for reporting bullying entitled “A Three Step Parents and Carers Guide to Reporting Bullying with Confidence.”

In addition you can find a "STOP Guide for Children" and finally, at the bottom of this page you will be able to access links to various websites and help lines with advice on bullying.

“Three Step Parents and Carers Guide to Reporting Bullying with Confidence.”

1. Is it bullying?

Bullying is "Behaviour by an individual or a group, usually repeated over time that intentionally hurts another individual either physically or emotionally."

2. What should I do?

We expect parents to:

-Inform the school of any suspected bullying even if it's not their child.
-Encourage their child to report bullying to a member of staff.
-Inform their child not to retaliate through violence in any situation.
-If their child has been accused of bullying, work in partnership with the school and listen to the evidence.

3. What happens next?

We will:

-Listen and take time to talk to children who disclose bullying, take what they say seriously and investigate the situation.
-Report back to parents/carers regarding their concerns about bullying as quickly as possible.
-Use a variety of techniques to resolve the issues between those who bully and those who have been bullied.

A STOP! Guide for Children

1. Is it bullying?

Bullying is words or actions that hurt your feelings or your body and it may have happened Several Times On Purpose. You want it to STOP!

2. What should I do?

Tell a grown up at home or at school as soon as possible.

3. What happens next?

The grown up will know what to do to make the bullying STOP.

Useful sites...


Use the links below for more information...

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