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Continued Restrictions and Sports Day...

This week has brought the news that our next milestone of 21st June is being postponed until 19th July.

Schools have been issued updated guidance by the DFE and our Local Authority then delivers further advice to Kent schools.

Both of these bodies express concern and advise extreme caution about schools considering opening up for events over the remaining weeks of term.

Unfortunately, this means that we will not be in a position to allow parents and carers to watch the children’s Sports Days this year.

I understand that this is really disappointing but with the number of positive cases steadily rising, and local schools close to Headcorn having to close year group Bubbles this past week due to new cases, I have had to make this difficult decision for the safety of everyone in our school and wider community.

PE For Term 6...

Please be aware of some slight changes to PE days for a number of classes during Term 6. Remember that pupils are required to arrive at school in their kit on the days of their session. 

Year Group Day
Foundation Stage Tuesday and Friday
Year 1 Monday and Wednesday
Year 2 Monday and Wednesday
Year 3 Wednesday and Thursday
Year 4 Tuesday and Thursday
Year 5 Tuesday and Thursday
Year 6 Thursday and Friday

Kings Road...

We are fully aware of the significant increase in heavy traffic that families are having to navigate at drop off and collection times and share your concerns.

Unfortunately the school has no jurisdiction in this area however we have been in contact with different bodies e.g. local housing developers, Highways, etc to share our concerns.

Headcorn Parish Council have also contacted all the individual developers and nearby farms about this issue. One of the larger housing developers sent someone down to observe the traffic today. Thank you to those parents and carers who have complained directly to the developers responsible for these larger vehicles as this has obviously had quite an impact already.

Please can our school community play our part by ensuring we supervise our children fully and park safely without blocking residents’ driveways and the Road Crossing Patrol. Please also park appropriately in the designated spaces in the small car park adjacent to the EYFS Gate as families walk through this area from the new path from the new housing development. Thank you.

School Uniform Additions...

It’s lovely starting to see children in the dark purple polo shirts. They look very smart!

Whilst we wait for our new school uniform supplier, Simmonds, to get set up, these T-shirts are available quite cheaply online from Asda, Sainsburys and M&S.

These purple shirts are additional optional item added to the uniform list and not compulsory. We think these purple polo shirts look very smart and could be a little more forgiving to daily wear and tear!