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Thank you to everyone who attended the PTFA AGM this week. We had a great turnout and a really positive meeting full of enthusiasm and exciting ideas.

Under the current restrictions many of our usual fund-raising events are not permitted to happen but I want to thank the PTFA for their creativity in providing alternative activities to continue to be able to raise money for our school in these restricting times, such as the Lottery, quizzes, Fantasy Football league, the Elves Event, Amazon Smile and Easy Fundraising and much more.

To keep you informed some of the things we would like to fund raise for are:
- A sensory Garden provision eg water features, areas of different textures such as sand, gravel, bark chipping, water, variety of aromatic herb and plants to smell, wind chimes, seating and much more.

- Improving the KS1 playground by bordering its banks with railway sleepers and also planting up the bank with attractive shrubs making them a feature.

- Professional Wall art in the hall and shared areas creatively displaying our core values and other motivational images.

- Equipping our Nurture Room with mood lighting, soft seating and resources for interventions.

There will be lots of other ideas as we speak to the children about suggestions that they have as well. We look forward to partnering with you all over these and other exciting future ventures.

Drop off and Collection Arrangements...

Thank you for your patience as we have tweaked and improved our pick-up and drop off arrangements.

Please remember to wear masks when coming on site, remember to socially distance when queuing and to refrain from gathering at the entrances and on our narrow paths.

We need to remember that if we all stick to the guidelines and don’t start bending rules before we are allowed, we hopefully will not have to lockdown ever again!

We all need to play our part with protecting not only ourselves but each other as well.

Sports Survey...

Thank you to the 127 parents and carers who have responded, so far, to the Headcorn School Sport survey. We appreciate all of your comments and will take these on board when considering our future afterschool provision.

The popularity of Cookery, Choir and other clubs such as this, has not gone unnoticed, and responses will be passed on to the relevant members of staff, but please remember that this survey was focused primarily on the sport aspect of our delivery.

Addressing some of the current feedback, please remember that some clubs are seasonal as it gives other sports an opportunity to be at the forefront of the sporting calendar. Many of these activities coincide with inter-school competitions and this is why these clubs are offered during these particular terms. It is also great to give something
new a try!

After school swimming is very much dependant on our ability to reopen the pool this year as well as the correct safety and staffing arrangements. Currently, if we are able to reopen the pool, we are only in a position to offer unstructured/free form sessions with the presence of a fully qualified lifeguard.

Our school staff hold the relevant qualifications for providing structured teaching sessions but not free-form sessions such as desired for an after
school club.

A great deal of what we offer depends on the number of interested participants, unfortunately some clubs simply cannot get off of the ground, due to a very limited number of pupils taking up these opportunities.

Finally, please be aware that our after school clubs are completely free to Headcorn School students and are totally reliant on the good will and free time of those providing these opportunities.

Urgent Message Regarding COVID Tests...

If you take your child for a COVID test, whether they have symptoms or are asymptomatic, they MUST NOT attend school until the result has come through to you, however long you have to wait to receive it.

If anyone in your household tests positive for COVID, your child MUST NOT attend school until the end of the isolation period.

Sending your child into school with symptoms, after any contact with someone who has tested positive or while you await test results, puts everyone they come in contact with in danger.

Please take this seriously and if in doubt, ask.

Symptom-Free Testing...

You may already be aware but Kent are rolling out mass testing for anyone without symptoms as well as those with.

Anyone who does not have symptoms and lives or works in Kent can book a test. You will have a lateral flow swab test and will get your result within half an hour. If the result is positive, you will be told to self-isolate, follow the national guidance and you will be instructed to have a PCR test to confirm your positive result.

If the result is negative, you must still continue to observe social distancing guidelines, wear a mask in public and regularly wash your hands.

Please keep following the rules and limit your social interactions. It's important to self-isolate, not only after receiving a positive test result but also while you wait for the results.