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Happy Half Term...

We want to take a moment to extend our warmest wishes to you all for a restful and relaxing half term.

Term 5 has been one of hard work and dedication from both students and staff, and we hope this break provides everyone with the opportunity to kick-back, recharge, and spend quality time with loved ones.

Thank you for your continuous support and partnership in making our school community thrive. We look forward to welcoming everyone back with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Have a wonderful and restful half-term!

Contacting the School...

We offer a variety of ways that parents and carers can communicate with the school and to be able to direct your queries or concerns to the appropriate team. This will also enable us to manage the increase of electronic communication.

By telephone: 01622 891289.
There are 4 options:
Absence: Press 1
School Office: Press 2
School Business Manager: Press 3
Wraparound Care: Press 4 (only during WAC hours)

By email:
Our Admin Team, who deal with a range of questions and information sharing, can be contacted on admin@headcorn.kent.sch.uk Please continue to email this address when sharing information about collection, absence, attendance, day to day matters, events, clubs, general enquiries, etc.

If you want to have direct contact with members of the Senior Leadership Team, you can now email slt@headcorn.kent.sch.uk Emails to this address will be picked up by a member of SLT. This could be in relation to behaviour, complaints and any other more personal or specific concerns.

You can also email our Inclusion and Nurture Team on inclusion@headcorn.kent.sch.uk