The School Office

The school office can be contacted during regular school hours on...

Email: admin@headcorn.kent.sch.uk       Telephone: 01622 891289

Electronic Communication

School communication with parents will be sent electronically via ScoPay: with newsletters/letters by email and more urgent messages (eg emergency school closure or after-school cancellations) by text. If you do not have access to these please let us know so that alternative arrangements can be made. Please ensure we always have your most up to date email address and telephone number.

Payments to the school

Please can all payments be made through http://scopay.com/


You may be aware that security in schools has been tightening up and it is critical that no unregistered adults should be within the school building between registration and home time. This applies no matter the circumstances even if you are known to the staff.

All parents and carers, without exception, must report to the office when coming onto the school premises during the school day and only access the school through the main entrance. We hope you will understand that these measures are required to make sure we do our very best to keep your children safe.