School Governors

The governing body is a group of 10 individuals, made up of parents, staff and members of the local community. We work on a voluntary basis to support the strategic leadership of the school. Governors typically serve for four years, and will have a variety of responsibilities during this time.

Whilst the governing body carry many legal responsibilities for the school, this only represents part of the overall story. These activities include:

• Oversight of the effective delivery of the curriculum
• Monitoring the progress of children throughout their school life
• Developing and monitoring the annual budget and finances
• Long-term planning for the future development of the school
• Ensure effective policies covering areas such as child welfare, recruitment, health & safety etc.

In addition to these, governors are visible within the school and play an active part in celebrating in the success of the children.

Current Governing Body...

Chair: Mr Jack Keeler MBE

Co-Vice Chairs: Mr Rob Henderson, Mrs A Monk

Miss S Symonds

Mr L Drury

Mrs J Ramsay

Mr T Kelly

Mrs N Worsfold

Mrs R Austen

Ms A Trickey-Roberts

Clerk: Mrs J Phillips

If you would like to find out more about the general work of the governors, please feel free to contact me via the school office or by email to the School Business Manager, Mrs Henderson: naomi.henderson@headcorn.kent.sch.uk

Mr. Jack Keeler MBE

Chair of Governing Body

Contacting the Governors...

The Governors are always available and happy to receive comments or questions relating to their work and responsibilities at any time. However, depending on your enquiry, it is worth checking first who is best placed to help you.

Day-to-day administrative queries regarding the school should be addressed to the school office. Teaching or classroom queries should be directed towards teaching staff, and any queries regarding special educational needs should be directed towards our Inclusion Leader. Any further questions or comments relating to the day-to-day running of the school should be directed to the Head Teacher. However, anyone with any comments, queries or questions regarding the overall strategic running of the school, and how the school’s performance is monitored, should contact the Governors.

Many of the governors are at or around the school on a daily basis and you are welcome, time permitting, to have an informal word with them at any time. More official communication should be put in writing to the Chair of Governors, Mr J. Keeler MBE, and can be dropped off by hand at the school office, or posted to the school at the normal postal address.