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Roots to Food...

On Tuesday 5th February Headcorn had a visit from Roots to Food, and teachers and pupils took part in a cookery extravaganza!

The morning saw KS2 in a cook-off with two teams led by Ms Woodgate and Mr Andrews. The Green Team cooked Coronation Chicken Curry and the Orange Team cooked Salmon fishcakes.

Both plates of food were very tasty and beautifully presented and the Green Team won by a very narrow margin. In the afternoon YR and KS1 learnt all about how the body needs healthy food as a fuel, before they did bursts of exercise followed by making banana milkshakes.

More photos of the day will be shared on Twitter and the recipes in our recent issue of Headcorn Headlines.

Science @ The Cornwallis Academy...

Year 5 and 6 have had the fantastic opportunity to visit The Cornwallis Academy for a secondary school type science lesson on Monday 27th January and Monday 4th February.

Mrs Hatch the Head of Science for Future Schools Trust, invited the children to create their own copper oxide crystals. This involved using some interesting equipment including bunsen burners, much to the joy of the pupils. Lots of fun and learning was had and we look forward to continuing the excitement when we have Science Week in June.

Headcorn @ The O2...

On Wednesday 30th January a choir of 37 KS2 children went to the O2 Arena to take part in Young Voices 2019. After months of rehearsal, learning words and dance moves we had a fantastic time singing our socks off to a wide variety of melodies with just over 8000 other children from across the country.

This was a phenomenal experience for the adults and children alike. The children's behaviour, participation, singing and ability to have fun even when waiting around and queuing was something to be SO proud of. Take a look at these photos; just a small selection of what is available on Twitter, which was a hive of tweets and video clips all day from both the school and parents who travelled up with us.


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Celebration Assemblies...

We ask that Parents and Carers visiting Celebration Assemblies please wait outside of the lobby area as we need to keep this space clear for children arriving late.

This is a safeguarding issue as children arriving late need to be safely handed over from their adult to a member of staff without having to negotiate an area full of adults. It is quite intimidating for the children and practically very difficult to be able to open and close the internal door.

We understand that sometimes the weather is not pleasant to wait outside so on these days please plan to drop off your child as close to 8:50am when the gates close so you are not waiting outside for too long.

Thank you for your understanding on this safeguarding issue.

Polite reminder...

Please can we remind Key Stage Two parents and carers that we cannot sustain debts on dinner accounts. Your child’s dinner account must always be in credit.

If your account is in arrears we will be unable to provide a dinner and you will receive a notification from the office asking you to provide a packed lunch.