Celebration of Pupils Work

At Headcorn Primary School we love to celebrate our children’s achievements, both big and small, that take place in school and out of school. We have regular Friday Key Stage Celebration Assemblies to which parents, grandparents, friends and carers are welcome to attend when your child is receiving an award. If your child has received any awards or certificates out of school from groups or clubs they belong to, or if they have done something extra-special, then these can be mentioned or presented at Celebration Assembly. 


Additionally, we have other opportunities for parents to come into school, via Book Looks, Class Sharing and Termly Learning Conferences.  All these opportunities are in addition to a number of events where we open our doors to parents and carers to share learning and experiences throughout the academic year. 


Please see our weekly newsletter, Headcorn Headlines, sent to all parents each Friday via email, for further information and forthcoming dates.



The following school awards are also presented at these assemblies:

EYFS and KS1 (Reception up to Year 2)
Reception Class – Champion Cheetah and Legendary Leopard awards
Year 1 – Terrific Tiger and Leading Lynx awards
Year 2 – Perfect Puma awards

KS2 (Year 3 up to Year 6)
Individual Merit Certificates are awarded in Celebration Assembly. Once a child has gained their first award (White), they begin working towards their next certificate. (Pink) They then continue striving for merits throughout Key Stage Two.

Key Stage 2.

Merit certificates progress in the following order:

White, Pink, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum.

House Points

All pupils at Headcorn Primary School can be awarded House Points for effort, pieces of work, demonstrating Core Values, being helpful around the school.

Citizenship and Head Teacher Awards

In response and recognition of outstanding effort, compassionate support and those unplanned and unprompted acts of kindness the Head Teacher may award a Citizenship or Head Teacher Award. We as a school do not always get to see these acts and so would appreciate parents, carers and members of the school and wider community letting us know if any children deserve this kind of unscheduled recognition.

The Core Values Cup

The Cup was donated by the PTFA (Parent, Teachers & Friends Association) to mark the retirement of Jackie Scrace in 2012. Mrs Scrace worked as the School Secretary and Site Manager at Headcorn Primary School for 17 years. Teachers or pupils can nominate a pupil who they think has shown particular and consistent effort and made a positive contribution in all aspects of school life. The recipient is then agreed at a teachers' meeting. This Award is intended to recognise achievement that is not linked to academic or sporting progress.

The Sportsmanship Award

The Plaque was donated by the PTFA to mark the retirement of Gill Smith (Mrs Smith) in 2013. When Mrs Smith left Headcorn Primary School she was the Year 5 teacher, Deputy Head and Special Educational Needs Coordinator. She was also an active member of the PTFA and sat on the board of Governors. Mrs Smith worked at Headcorn for many years. She was much admired by parents and also ran the Rugby Club with Mrs Edwards. Teachers or pupils can nominate a pupil who they think has shown particular sportsmanship in their school life.

These Awards are presented in a Celebration Assembly along with a certificate that the recipient can take home. The Plaque is displayed in the school trophy cabinet in our Reception area together with a photograph of the current holder.