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School uniform is now available to purchase securely via our new uniform suppliers, Gooddies http://headcorn.gooddies.co.uk We will continue to hold a few sample sizes in school. Gooddies have an online returns policy, please ensure you view this prior to ordering.

Delivery to school is FREE. Your order will be delivered approximately 2 weeks from the following order dates:

1. Midnight on the 15th (delivery before end of month)
2. Midnight on the last day of month (delivery middle of next month)

Please note: if you miss the above deadlines you could be waiting 4 weeks for your order

• Home delivery is also available with a charge for postage.
• Orders can be tracked online.

Click for a link to our latest uniform list...


Children are not allowed to wear jewellery to school, save for stud earrings. In addition, staff are not allowed to remove earrings for children, so they shouldn’t have their ears pierced until they are of an age when they can remove and replace the jewellery independently. Children are not allowed to participate in any PE activity whilst wearing any form of jewellery. Earrings must be removed, by the children, before any activities begin. If the children are not able to remove earrings, parents must do it for them, on the day that they have PE, before they come to school.


The children will swim during the summer term. Children must wear swimming hats. The pool filters operate whilst the children are in the water and it is possible that hair could be sucked into the filters. Consequently, those children who do not have hats will not be allowed to swim.

Some children like to wear goggles. KCC policy is to discourage this, as there have been a number of accidents in which goggles have snapped back into children’s faces, when they have been attempting to take them off. If a child wishes to wear goggles, parents must provide written confirmation of this to the teacher.
Children with verucas are required to wear veruca socks, otherwise they will not be allowed to swim.

The Governors of the school request the support of all parents in providing the appropriate uniform outlined.