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On Wednesday a choir of 37 KS2 children went to the O2 Arena to take part in Young Voices 2019. After months of rehearsal, learning words and dance moves we had a fantastic time singing our socks off to a wide variety of melodies with just over 8000 other children from across the country.

This was a phenomenal experience for the adults and children alike. The children's behaviour, participation, singing and ability to have fun even when waiting around and queuing was something to be SO proud of. Take a look at these photos; just a small selection of what is available on Twitter, which was a hive of tweets and video clips all day from both the school and parents who travelled up with us. (If you're not signed up to Twitter, @HeadcornPrimary, then I would strongly recommend it as we regularly share children's work, activities and experiences throughout the week as well as important updates eg weather, club info etc.)