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The Ethos of Our School

Headcorn Primary School's ethos is to provide a happy, stimulating environment in which children are supported to reach their full potential. Children, Staff and parents work actively in partnership to promote our aim to maximise the child's academic achievement whilst ensuring well-rounded character development.  The information below is the basis for our Home School Agreement.

School Agreement

As a school we will do our best to:

- provide a safe, stimulating and happy environment

- provide a broad, balanced and meaningful education for your child

- encourage all children to achieve their full potential

- arrange Termly Learning Conferences to discuss, in partnership with your child, their learning and progress and provide an annual report.

- inform you of any concerns which may affect your child's work or behaviour

- be open, welcoming and available to discuss your child's progress

- contact you if there is a problem with your child's health, attendance or behaviour

- encourage children to take care of their surroundings and others around them

- inform parents about topics to be covered each term

- keep you informed about school events and activities through newsletters and the school's website

We encourage all our learners to aim to:

- demonstrate our Core Values

- adhere to our Community Code

- work to the best of their abilities both at home and at school

- bring all the things that they need every day, including completed homework

- respect the feelings and beliefs of others

- help to keep our school tidy, safe and a happy environment for all 

Core Values

Our Core Values are:


Community Code

At Headcorn Primary School, we want pupils and staff to:

  • Be safe
  • Be happy
  • Be able to learn
  • Be part of our school community

Our Community Code is "SEE IT, BE IT." This means that every one of us has a responsibility to demonstrate the Core Values so that others can 'see it' and therefore 'be it.'

The expectation is that these Core Values and our Community Code will be demonstrated:

  • Child to Child
  • Child to Adult
  • Adult to Child
  • Adult to Adult

In this way, we are all "TEAM HEADCORN."


I can, you can, Toucan!

Learning Skills

Our school aims to provide the opportunities to become a life-long learner. The skills needed to become a successful learner are intentionally and explicitly taught with continuity and progression across each academic year.

The 6 Learning Skills Units are titled:

- Learning Together
- It's Up To Me (Developing Independence and Responsibility)
- Becoming Better Learners (Improving Own Learning and Performance)
- Knowing Me, Knowing You (Developing a Sense of Self-Worth and Understanding   of Self and Others)
- Thinking About Thinking (Thinking Skills)
- Say It, Hear It (Speaking and Listening Skills)

We have a Learning Skills mascot called the 'I Can, You Can' Toucan, which links to our Community Code of 'See It...Be It' by encouraging the children to develop, model and recognise these learning skills in themselves and each other.

Each termly unit we focus on one 'I Can' statement across the whole school and teachers are encouraged to focus on other suitable 'I Can' statements in their classes.