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The Arts at Headcorn School


We believe in the promotion and enjoyment of music throughout the school and it is hoped that music will be seen as a central, lively and fulfilling area in the life of the school. In addition to classroom music across the school, extra-curricular activities, a range of peripatetic instrumental tuition and, of course, extremely enthusiastic singing in the school assemblies help to create a special place for music within the whole school curriculum. We aim to promote enjoyment of music by introducing a broad range of music of different styles, from different cultures and periods of history.

We endeavour to cater for all pupils across the ability range and encourage the involvement of all instrumentalists and singers in class lessons, assemblies and performances.

At Headcorn Primary School we believe in the partnership and positive relationships that our Choir and instrumentalists have developed between ourselves and our community. We make regular visits and perform to Eldercare - a community social group, our local Elderly Care Homes and Sheltered Accommodation and have been invited to perform at the church in partnership with local musical groups.

Our popular choir 'The HP Singers' perform gigs throughout the academic year. They are to be joined by our new 'School of Rock' bands and Recorder Consort at our annual summer music festival 'Create'.

At Headcorn Primary School we use the Government's funding from the Music Education Hub to provide whole class guitar lessons during Year 4. Many children then continue with their guitar tuition in Years 5 and 6 with the same teacher who provides this private tuition also.

We also partner with Music for Schools, a registered charity, who provide woodwind and brass instrumental tuition in small groups. Click this link to find out more: https://www.mfsf.org.uk/


At Headcorn School we encourage our pupils to foster an interest and an inquiring mind for Art and Design.

We promote the acquisition of skills, appropriate language and the ability to apply knowledge in everyday situations through a range of creative lessons and experiences.

We use Art and Design to express emotions and feelings, develop powers of observation and critical analysis, to foster an appreciation of art work from a variety of cultures and periods in time and provide opportunities to appreciate and evaluate the work of the child and their peers.

We are very fortunate to have a kiln on our site which is regularly used and you will see a range of pottery and claywork across the site.


Drama is integrated into our English learning as well as our 'experiences'. We also pride ourselves on our Early Years and Key Stage 1 Nativity performances, our Key Stage 2 Christmas Service in the local church and our innovative end of year productions by our Year 6 Leavers.