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Computing at Headcorn School

IT and Computing underpin today’s modern lifestyle and at Headcorn Primary School we believe that it is essential that all pupils gain the confidence and ability that they need in this subject to help meet the challenge of a rapidly developing and changing technological world.

At Headcorn Primary School the use of Information Technology and Computing is designed to enhance and extend children’s learning across the whole of curriculum. In addition we endeavor to create good Digital Citizens throughout the student body with regular e-safety training for the whole school. (More information concerning E-Safety can be viewed on the E-Safety pages of this site.)

Information Technology (I.T) is concerned with the storage, processing, presentation and communication of the information by electronic means.

Computing is concerned with how computers and computer systems work, but also how they are designed and programmed. This includes the measurement, programming, modelling and control of internal and external events. In addition Computing should give each child an understanding of what is happening and why this is so.

Computing and IT continues to evolve very quickly and has now become firmly entrenched in many aspects of everyday life, both at home and in the educational arena.

Coverage of these aspects, Information Technology, Computing and Digital Citizenship, will be provided in a balanced and where possible stimulating way and in some cases the lines may blur between the three areas.